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Who We Are
Thinkful is a new type of school that brings high-growth tech careers to ambitious people everywhere. The company provides 1-on-1 learning through its network of industry experts, hiring partners, and online platforms to deliver a structured and flexible education. Thinkful offers programs in web development and data science, with in-person communities in up-and-coming tech hubs around the U.S. To join the Thinkful network visit

Job Description
The Senior Product Manager will determine the in-app experience that drives all student, mentor and HQ-team member success. You’ll be defining, planning, and executing on improvements to the entire student and mentor experience. You will collaborate across the career services, curricula, mentor and support teams to identify and build the products that are the backbone of Thinkful’s education. This includes prioritizing projects, monitoring students’ experience, defining KPIs, and focusing strategy. You will identify gaps in the learning experience, build the roadmap, and generate new ideas that clarify and ensure students and mentors succeed across all of our programs.

You should be both hands-on and strategic (if you’re looking only to manage or only to execute, this isn’t the right role). A successful candidate will ensure that our products and services resonate across the market while driving the velocity of the product direction by executing across Thinkful to prioritize and meet product development cycles in collaboration with our technical and student-facing teams.

For Thinkful to continue its rapid growth, we need to maintain our exceptional student outcomes and continuously increase the value of our programs to both students and hiring partners. You’ll define, plan, and execute on improvements to the entire student and mentor experience with specific focus on the in-app experience and the internal tooling. Success will be measured by core student metrics: graduation rate, job placement rate, and student satisfaction. Long-term you will ensure we are the premier tech career accelerator in the country.


  • Discovery opportunities for our students and business through experimentation and user & market research.
  • Articulate the strategy and roadmap for your area of the student and educator experiences and inspire teams to deliver this vision
  • Design and implement user-facing and internal product experiences, tooling, and workflows that allow Thinkful to continue to scale its product offerings
  • Deliver against clear KPIs to assess the efficacy of new products and monitor feature performance to provide a clear understanding of success or failure
  • Create compelling epics & user stories that articulate the need for new features
  • Develop a productive and positive working relationship with designers, engineers, analysts, and the education teams
  • Talk regularly with students, mentors, and stakeholders at Thinkful HQ to validate the product roadmap
  • Collaborate with marketing and education teams on messaging and positioning
  • Effectively advocate the removal of products and features that have little usage and do not deliver widespread value to the Thinkful community
  • Measure and synthesize qualitative and quantitative feedback and share these findings back with the team; be the voice of reason, empathy and assertion for the Thinkful customer and internal teams
  • Ensure that we have the right product velocity by working across the organization to ensure great outcomes


  • 5+ years of experience with increasing responsibility in product roles
  • Demonstrated ability to drive outcomes for the business via the product and roadmap
  • Excited to own a product stack that includes web apps, human processes, offline experiences, teams of people, contractors, and adult career-changers
  • Data & hypothesis driven, but able to make decisions when not enough information is available
  • Comfortable leading after taking risks and being wrong
    Confident enough in the road map process to say “No” to ideas
  • Strong bias for action and finding the fastest path to a desired result
  • Knows how to solve a problem, not necessarily from experience, but from smarts, drive, strong business and technical acumen.
  • Formulate a clear vision of what a product should be, what it should accomplish, and how to measure success
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Knack for working with and influencing diverse teams in high accountability, high responsibility environment
  • Develop deep understanding of team’s and constituent’s needs and pain points, tooling, how they learn about new products, and how product can deliver them value

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