Senior Gameplay Engineer

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We’re building the next generation of immersive online worlds

What’s the opportunity?

Build a game that connects people: We’re gamers. We understand the joy and power of games in people’s lives. We’re building towards a particular future in which technology brings us together, rather than divide us. We’re using games to get us there.
Build an online world that comes alive: We’re building a living, breathing world that let’s players freely express themselves. As engineers, we’re creating the foundation through smart choices and innovative technology.
Build a new AAA studio: This is an exciting time to join. Stable funding and a clear vision allow us to focus on building a game, a studio and a platform for future success.
Grow as a Lead: Leverage your experience as a seasoned veteran to advise, mentor and lead through example with your code and programming practices. Partner with other leaders across technology, design and art to bring a game to life.

What will you do?

You’ll work with designers, artists and other engineers on our gameplay team to implement new game systems and features in the Unreal Engine.
You’ll hold the bar when it comes to code quality and game performance. You’ll work with the whole team to ensure we always have a shippable, playable game.
You’ll develop and teach best practices for game development, specifically for UE4. You’ll participate in code reviews, write tests and assist in creating a healthy, humane, professional CI/CD development pipeline.
You’ll help to grow the engineering team and studio through mentorship, interviews, and constructive feedback. You’ll contribute more than just code to achieve our goal.

What experience should I have?

You have 4+ years experience developing and shipping games using the Unreal Engine. You’ve already put in the time and effort to get through the early learning curve of UE4.
You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, learn something new or do something you haven’t before. You still love to code. You have 10 or more years of C++ experience.
You have a passion for great gameplay. You’re a pragmatic engineer that puts player experience over your own ego and code.
You’ve led significant engineering efforts, as a lead, architect or similar role.

Company Mission

With our first project, we’re exploring new styles of game design and tackling difficult technical problems to create a game that’s beautiful and intricate, delivering far more than superficial entertainment or basic wish fulfillment, an experience that becomes a meaningful part of your life. Our vision is to create a compelling virtual universe filled with rich and diverse gameplay experiences and social interactions that will keep you playing for years, evolving along with you and the rest of the community. We want our players to feel valued as well as a true sense of belonging.

Sounds ambitious? We think so, too. If you’re interested in the challenge of building a new genre, in making rewarding interactive & community experiences filled with amazing art and world class technology to support this living world, join us on the journey.

Life at Singularity 6

Our team of 27 consists of designers, artists, and engineers who come from both the gaming and non-gaming worlds. Our small, yet mighty team has been working remotely (and successfully too!) until we can see each other again in the office. We make time to connect through different virtual team events and gaming hour, where we take time to explore interesting games on the market. If you like Animal Crossing, virtual board games, or even FF14, you might enjoy being able to explore games as part of your job here at Singularity 6.

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