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Date: 11. June

Schedule: 5:00 pm

Timezone: PDT

Event Type: Webinar

Organizer: Silicon Valley |

Ticket: Registration

We intend to go beyond passive solidarity in response to #BlackLivesMatter. Six days ago, we published an open letter stating where we stand on racial justice and how we intend on showing up in the long run. 

Adopting a change framework—inspired by the public academic and activist, Rachel Cargle—we will galvanize this community through knowledge, empathy, and action. To begin, we’re focusing on our Afro-Latina community by hosting a *listening* hour moderated by Claudia Cruz (CNET Alumna), and featuring Julissa Ramirez (Google) and Catalina Peña (Catalyst Creation). The following week, we’ll host an open forum aimed at reflecting and internalizing our learnings as a community. Finally, our programming series will culminate in a roundtable for our members to discuss action plans for themselves, as individuals, as well as employees within influential tech companies (date tbd).

This is only the beginning of our anti-racism work. More to come. #AmplifyMelanatedVoices #BlackLivesMatter

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Claudia Cruz


Keen focus on helping people become better informed about how business and technology affect their communities. My law and journalism degrees allow me to accomplish this goal accurately, efficiently and with integrity. Experienced public speaker, manager and leader.